2021 Orlando City Preview: Orlando Soccer Journal and Orlando Soccer Show staff predictions


Orlando City’s seventh season in Major League Soccer kicks off this Saturday at Exploria Stadium when the Lions host Atlanta United at 3 p.m. Coming off the success of last season, our knowledgeable staff here at the Orlando Soccer Journal as well as the co-hosts of the Orlando Soccer Show podcast, have come together to offer some predictions for the 2021 season.

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Let’s dive right in:

Mike Gramajo

Over/Under 50 points: Over

Conference Finish: 2nd

Top GoalscorerAlexandre Pato

Breakout Star: Pato

Mike’s expectations for the season: Return to the playoffs, contend for silverware and put the league on full notice.

Austin David

Over/Under 50 Points: Under (But not by much)

Conference Finish: 5th

Top Goalscorer: Pato

Breakout Star: Silvester van der Water

Austin’s expectations for the season: Make playoffs, but eliminated in the MLS Conference Semifinals and the Leagues Cup quarterfinals

Gavin Ewbank

Over/Under 40 Points: Over

Conference Finish: 4th

Top Goalscorer: Chris Mueller (if Daryl Dike doesn’t come back for the rest of the season)

Breakout Star: Silvester van der Water

Gavin’s expectations for the season: Making the Leagues Cup Final and being eliminated in the playoff semis

Brad Newton

Over/Under 50 Points: Over

Conference Finish: 3rd

Top Goalscorer: Pato

Breakout Star: Silvester van der Water

Brad’s expectations for the season: Making the MLS Conference Finals and U.S. Open Cup Final

Kyle Foley

Over/Under 50 Points: Over

Conference Finish: 4th

Top Goalscorer: Mueller (if he doesn’t explode and get sold)

Breakout Star: Silvester van der Water

Kyle’s expectations for the season: Lose in both the US Open Cup and MLS Playoff semifinals (And also not be embarrasing to watch).

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